Nutricia Research

Since 1896, Nutricia Research has been building our expertise in the science of early life nutrition. With today’s mission to stand by mums to nurture new lives, research and development is central to our company's operations. Our network of experts across a range of disciplines, relating to maternal, infant and toddler nutrition, work to support mums, dads, caregivers and healthcare professionals.


The Immune System

Breast milk provides the best source of nutrition for your child. A complex composition that includes many biological components, breast milk strengthens a baby’s developing brain and immune system, while providing them with the optimal nutrients that their infant bodies require. It’s these amazing traits that motivate Nutricia Research to continue to unlock the mystery behind the dynamics of breast milk.


30 Years of Ongoing Research

With over 30 years of research into breast milk and an extensive 20 year research program focusing specifically on the immune and digestive system, Nutricia Research continues to provide new findings and scientific information. In particular we now have over 30 peer reviewed papers focused on the analysis of breast milk and its many benefits. 

The term 'peer reviewed' means that all the research is assessed by independent experts to ensure it is of high scientific quality and unbiased. All of our research is carried out and executed to exacting scientific and ethical standards.

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