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As an expert in Early Life Nutrition, Nutricia, the makers of Aptamil®, are committed to supporting mums as they make feeding choices for their babies and young children.

About the Aptamil Range

With over 30 years of scientific research into maternal and early life nutrition, our team of paediatricians, nutritionists and scientists take inspiration from the science of breast milk to develop unique formulations that help lay foundations for your child's future progress.

Further, you’re also supported by the AptaNutrition Advisory Team; midwives, dietitians and nutritionists who can answer your questions and help you make the best possible early life nutrition choices.

Your child’s future is in your hands.

Our Range

Helping you and your child build strong foundations for the future. Our most advanced formulation with a unique blend of scientifically researched ingredients.

Our Aptamil Gold+ range is now available in multipack sachets for Infant Formula, Follow-on Formula and Stage 3 Toddler Supplement. Find out more from our product pages.

Now available in MULTIPACK SACHETS

Our Advisory Team is here to help

For any further questions about baby and toddler feeding and nutrition, our professional team of qualified experts and consultants – including dietitians, nutritionists and midwives – are here to help.

CALL 0800 438 500

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